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Tips to help you with the home buying process.

Do your homework

Take time and look closely at your reason for buying a home. Are you looking for a larger home? Is there a driving factor for this move? Review your goals you want to achieve with this purchase. What does the win look like for you? These are the questions you want to ask yourself so you can find the best answer. Put together a list of must-have‘s and like-to-have‘s and give them a priority. Research schools, services, and other things of importance to you in the neighborhoods you were looking. Tell me these things or better yet give me a list to work from. All of this will help you better prepare for the decisions that lays ahead of you.

Build your buying strategy

What is your buying strategy? Are you ready to compete in a multiple offer situation? Or, are you less particular about the home and it's location and more interested in getting the best possible price? Are you looking for a fixer with large projects or something move-in ready? We will build the right strategy together that best fits your desires and give you the best possible win.

Get Pre-Qualify

If you plan to purchase your home using a loan getting pre-qualified. It is an absolute must. Sellers will not seriously consider an offer from buyers that have not been fully pre-qualified. This is one of the most important steps and can strengthen your offer you submit by including a strong pre-qualification letter from your lender. Don’t forget that pre-qualifications have a limited lifespan, you must have a recent pre-qualification to submit with your offer. Get your pre-qualification done before you start looking for your home. It will help you understand your monthly payments for homes you will be looking at. You don’t want to find the right home only to lose it to another buyer while you take the time to get pre-qualified

Build your must-have list

As mentioned above build your must-have and want-to-have list and give a priorities or level of importance for each item. This will be very important to help assess each home as you tour. Some buyers can be overwhelmed by all of the features in each home and find it difficult to make a decision after seeing many properties. You can use your list to rate each home you tour. Remember, you often won't find a home that ticks all the boxes so having a priority for each item will help you better rate each home.

When you find the right home, strike

Once you find the right, home strike. Don’t hesitate, make your decision and write your offer. You will be able to do this confidently because you have done your homework, built your checklists, and researched the markets, so you will know when the time is right to make the offer. Waiting to see what happens with a listing can often cause you to lose out to another buyer.

Do your inspections, and read them

Get your inspections or use the sellers provided inspections. Remember you have the right to have your own inspections. Take your time to fully read and understand inspection reports. Following the acceptance of your offer, you have a limited time to complete your inspections review the reports and request any actions. If you find that you have questions, The company providing the report can help clarify the findings in their reports.

Opening escrow and completing title reports

After your offer is excepted we will open escrow and begin the purchase process. One of the first things the escrow company will do is run a title report on the property you are purchasing. This will identify any encumbrances that might be listed against the property. We will review this title report as it contains important information. If there are any clouds on the title, the escrow company can work with the seller and any other parties to help clear those defects in title.

Closing the Sale

Schedule and setting of deadlines is triggered as soon as an offer is excepted and escrow is opened. There are many steps to closing the sale and we will work together to identifying these steps, meeting the deadlines and completing the appropriate documents to move the purchase towards closing. One question often asked is when is the purchase complete and the buyer can take possession. That happens at the time the sale is recorded at the county recorders office. Up until that recording, things and come up that need to be addressed. Any possession should not take place prior to recording.

After the sale

After closing, don’t forget there are some additional steps you will need to take such as turning on your utilities, activating Internet and phone services, submitting your change of address forms to the post office, and more. I will help you by providing checklist of common post sale tasks to complete.

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