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What should I consider when selling my home?

What should I consider when selling my home?

This question has many different answers. It is difficult to know what to consider and what is important when selling. The web is full of opinions, answers, and ideas surrounding the subject of selling your home. Each family has their own specific circumstances that will greatly effect the selling process. One of the first things to think about is why you want to sell your home and what is your goal. Achieving your goal will define if the sale of your home was a success, and/or exceeded your expectations or fell short of what you were hoping for.

The Real Estate Market is changing faster now than ever before. Some markets are seller's markets with lower inventories. Others lean towards buyer's markets with higher inventories. And markets can shift from one to another quickly. Since market change is constant, you should ground yourself and look closely at your personal situation and understand your goals before selling. Here are some questions to ask yourself before selling your home.

Why do I want to sell my home?

For example, has my job changes and requires me to move? If that is true than your priority may be to sell your home faster or try to keep risks associated with selling as low as possible. If you are selling your home to cash out for retirement, you will likely want to get the most money for your home even if the sale may take longer or have higher risk of delays or cancellation. It is important to understand your reasons, goals, objectives for selling your home.

Is now a good time to sell?

This question is best answered by understanding how well selling now will achieve your primary goals. For example, if your primary goal is to sell at the highest possible price, remember your home will only sell for the price that the local market will bare at the time you sell. Selling in early spring, when there are more buyers on the market may sound like the best time to sell at the highest price. However there are also more sellers on the market. Competition from other home sellers may be stronger. However selling in the Holiday season, when there are fewer buyers and sellers means less competition and those buyers searching for homes at that time be more serious buyers. They are, after all, spending their holiday season shopping for a home rather than spending that time enjoying the season.

What should I do to prepare to sell my home?

There are many things sellers can do before selling their home. Invite your friends and family over to walk through your home and ask them look at your home as if they were buyers. Ask for their honest opinions and suggestions. This can be an eye opening experience. Listen with an open mind. We have all customized our home to meet our own desires. Sometimes it's difficult to see our home as an outsider. Remember, you want buyers to easily see themselves living in your home. Sometimes that can be difficult to accept but the more people that feel like your home is warm and welcoming to them, and they can see a desirable life living in your home, the better your home selling experience will be.

There are many other considerations to think about before selling. Please call or email me if you would like to talk more about achieving a better home selling experience.

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