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Tips to help you with the home selling process.

Review your reason and goals for selling

This is the first and very important step in the process. Take some time to review why you are selling your home. what are the forces behind your decision to sell. For example: You may thing that you want to sell you home to buy a larger home. Take the next step and ask yourself why you want a larger home? How will a larger home be better then your current home? What will improve in your life that a larger home can better deliver. A better understanding about why you want to sell will help highlight your most important goals for the sale of your home. When you are done, how do you know you home sale was a true win for you. When you goals are met, you win. And the best way to know if you've met you goals is to clearly understand your goals.

Once you truly understand your reasons for selling and your goals, discuss them with your Real Estate agent so you are both together to meet the same goals.

Choose the right agent

There are many things to consider when choosing your agent. Yes, finding an experienced and skilled agent is important. Having an agent with experience in short sales, foreclosures as well as today's more traditional sales market is a big asset. The sale and escrow process can be quite complex and move in many different directions. Having an agent that has experience with some of the most difficult type of sales can help guide you through a smoother transaction.

One other area to consider that is often overlooked is how well do you connect and communicate with you agent. Both you and your agent will be working closely throughout the entire transaction and having a good working relationship is important. You don't want to feel like you are operating from two different playbooks. Of course discussing your goals up front will help with this.

Review your market and price your home to sell

The Real Estate market is contently changing. From week to week your local market can change. I recommend reviewing the market and settling in on a close price range early in the process is so that pricing expectations can be identified early. This will allow you to concentrate on the tasks to help you prepare for your home for the sale. Than just prior to listing your home, review the your price range again and set the list price at that time. That way your home can be marketed correctly in those important early days on the market. Remember, pricing your home correctly will attract more buyers and give you the best potential for selling at a higher price and with fewer complications.

Prepare your home

Preparing both you and your home to sell is an important process. There are many tips for preparing your home. You can visit my Home Seller's page for information and document for help.. However it is equally important to prepare you and your family for the listing and selling process. You should remind yourself of your reasons and goals for selling, especially during the stressful times in the transaction. It is not easy to invite buyers with their own criteria into your home for them to asses their interest in buying. Each buyer will have their own criteria that may be very different than yours. That is why it is so very important to market your home to the widest range of buyers as you can. The more types of buyers interested in your home the better. I will help you navigate through the preparation process for both you and your home and maximize your homes exposure.

While you are on the market

Working together, we will market your home to the serious and qualified buyers most likely to make an offer and close on the sale. Presenting your home the the best possible way during the time it is no the market is essential to maximize your home's value. You never know when the right buyer will view your home. A well presented home is key. I will keep in close communication with you about potential buyers, feedback buyers and agents and updated marketing strategies. This is key to a quicker sale with fewer complications.

Accepting an offer

When the time comes to review one or more offers, it is important to understand both what is in the offer as well as what may not be in the offer. We will always review offers in detail and measure them against you goals. The highest priced offer may not always be the best offer. How the offer is written, contingency details, good faith funds, load qualifications, and closing details are some of the important subjects to measure with every offer. I will help you understand the details and possible impact to you for every offer you receive. In addition, a fresh review of the current local market is essential to understanding the merits of an offer.

Opening escrow and completing title reports

When an offer is accepted, the escrow process begins. Many wheels are set in motion at time of acceptance. Time lines are set, contingency periods are started, required disclosure timelines are set in motion, and much more. We will work together to meet these obligations and closely monitor buyers obligations as well.

Contingency periods

Contingency periods are critical. Although the buyer carries most of the contingencies during the purchase process, the seller may also have contingencies. Monitoring all of these contingencies is critical. Add to this the disclosure requirements from both the buyer and seller and their mandated time periods as well as lender timelines, and you have a complex timeline to manage during your sale. I will work closely with you to understand and manage these timelines all the way up to the date of recording.

Closing the Sale

Closing the the sale is the final step for both the buyer and seller. Both have taken a long journey together. The final steps leading up to the closing are ever so important. Only the recording of your sale completes the process and up until the verification of recording, we must be diligent and managing all the aspects of your sale. Each step along the process moves you closer to closing and strengthens the commitment on both sides to complete the sale. The last few steps can be as important and any of the proceeding steps it took to get to closing. You must not loose focus in the final stages of the sale.

After the sale

Once you home is sold and recorded, what next. Receiving the funds from the sale, finding a new place to live, completing the purchase of your replacement home, collecting the final documentation you will need for your tax preparation and much more. These are just some the steps to take after your sale completes. I will help guide you through these important steps as well. I always strive to exceed my clients expectations and that includes you post sale support as well.

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